Welcome to the website for St. Annes Parish Church, Bristol.


St. Annes is a parish on the south banks of the River Avon in southeast Bristol. The parish stretches from St. Annes park in the North to Brislington near Sandy park road and Broomill.


The Church is located on the crossroads of Bloomfield Road, Sailsbury Road, Langton Court Road and Langton Road. The church straddles both Sailsbury Road and Langton Road. The entrance to the church is on Sailsbury Road, whilst the entrance to the hall is on Langton Road.


The church is over 100 years old and was built in 1904. Nearby is St. Annes well, a former pilgrimage site visited by Henry VII.

The main church body was split in half creating a separate hall and worship area. More recently the church was re-ordered and the altar was moved to it's current location beneath the East window.


Traditionally the church is of a 'high church' leaning. Whilst this means that we do use bells and incense, we still offer a variety of services. For more information on our services then click on the services tab above.

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