St. Annes Church offers many different types of service.


We have four Sunday services a month at 10am.

1st & 4th Sunday: Sung Mass.

2nd Sunday: Ley Led Service.

3rd Sunday: Beamer Service.

5th Sunday: A community service held together with St. Cuthberts either here or at St. Cuthberts. Details will be posted on here before 5th Sundays.


Beamer Service:

Our Beamer Service is an all age service which is deal for Children. The service is projected up onto the wall and many songs are sung along with our Church band. Look out for Simon Booksnail who'll read the bible to the children.

After this service is a short said mass with communion in the Lady Chapel.



A sung mass along with a serving team.


Ley Led Service.

A simple spoken service with hymns. This provides the congregation a chance to put the meat into the sandwich. A member of the congregation takes the service and sermon.


NOTE: Incense will now only be swung on special festivals and High days.

St. Annes Church can offer all the usual tradional Christian ceromonies.

We offer Baptisms, Weddings, funerals and Confirmation.


Baptism/ Christening:

A baptism or Christening is the act of offically naming a child in the eyes of God. It's also the act of bringing the child into God's congregation, and a chance for the congregation to welcome the child into the world. It's also a promise of hope for the childs future.



Two people who love each other. One union between them. A desire for a lifetime together. A future filled with bliss. The ultimate public expression of love. Two people prepared to spend the rest of their lives together will get married. The Church is the best place for this to take place as the love of the two is matched by God's love for all. 



It's a sad time when a loved one dies. When someone goes up to join God, we celebrate their life and achevements whilst maintaing upmost dignity. A Church can bring those mourning closer to God at this most distressing time.



At a Baptism, promises are made by parents and godparents. At a Confirmation the confirme reafirms those promises and makes them for himself. During the period leading up to the confirmation the confirme learns about his faith and how it speaks to him, and he can live with his faith in a world of trial.

Note: The actual Confirmation ceromony will be held at a random church in Bristol. But all classes will be held by St. Annes church.


For any of these help or questions on these services, or to book one contact one of our Churchwardens or our parish minister, Henning.